About me

just the stuff I want to share with you at this moment ;-)

Updated on Friday, January 17, 2020

Welcome to my website, my name is Albert W. Alberts and this is my personal website.

How I came to the name of this site - ‘t Is Goud - is explained here.


On this site I will write about things that catch my attention, projects I’m working on, ideas I have, vacation photos and whatever else I want to share. 

My Day-To-Day Job

I work as an architect for a large Telco and ISP. Initially I started as a software engineer but over the years grown into the role of architect.

Internet & Telco sign

Together with some colleagues we have come up with out-of-the-box ideas and turned some of them into patents but most of them never got beyond the status “patent pending”. I stopped working on these patents since the company did not actively used them but kept them in a drawer.


Not a full-time job but definitely worth mentioning are the devNetNoord events. An event for .NET-developers in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Most .NET events are organized in the Randstad-region. So we tried to fill the gap. I’m one of the two initiators and as team member still involved in the organization.
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Domotics or Home-Automation is another “hobby” project. Together with some friends we started domoticaGrunn.  A special interest group for home-automation. Again trying to fill a gap, a lot of people in my surrounding were building and talking about it. Now we have regular meetings in de MaakPlek in Groningen to exchange ideas, knowledge and questions.
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I love Groningen but the world is bigger and full of amazing things to see and explore. Travelling to other parts of the world and experiencing other cultures broadens the mind. Some of the photos created along the way are shared here as well.


Projects and ideas can be found on another page, because there will allways be projects.
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