About 't Is Goud

Updated on Saturday, January 19, 2019

’t Is Goud is the personal website of Albert W. Alberts.

The name of the site means “it’s good”. It’s from the dialect spoken in Groningen, the most Northern provence of the Netherlands. In Dutch it would translate to “it’s gold”. So you could say there is a similarity with the New Zealand saying “good as gold”.

Groningers don’t talk much so they try to say more with fewer words. Used in the dialect of Groningen there is more to it than just the phrase. By saying " ’t is goud" you can say that it’s all right. It can also mean that you accept the situation as it is at that moment or that you are satisfied with the accomplished (“it’s as good as it gets”) but it can also mean the person has a feeling of resignation (“it’s good as it is”) and some variations in between depending on the situation.

So the name of the site conceals more than just a simple phrase.