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Updated on Thursday, January 17, 2019

This page contains information about all kinds of projects, hardware or software that I’m interested in building or using.

Tasmota Zigbee

Tasmota Zigbee

Zigbee2Tasmota is a lightweight Zigbee solution running on an ESP82xx Wi-Fi chip. Hence it is easier to deploy in your living room or around your home. It is largely inspired from Zigbee2mqtt but it’s a complete rewrite to make it fit on an ESP82xx with 80kB of RAM and only 1MB of flash memory.

Ordered at AliB:

CC2530 with external antenna en CC2530 with external antenna and CC2591 RF front end

The latter is more powerfull.

Raspberry Pi without SD Card

Hack My House: Running Raspberry Pi Without An SD Card | Hackaday

Netboot alternatives:

YubiKey lockscreend

I created a small daemon app that “locks” your screen when the YubiKey is removed.

This could easily be enhanced to create a universal lockscreen app on removal of any USB device.

Target platform is macOS, therefore it needs to have a proper installer. Homebrew is the way to go.

Results so far on github/tisgoud.

Smart doorbell

For just $2, convert any existing wired doorbell into a smart doorbell; using ESPHome and Home Assistant

Ordered at AliB:

ESP-01S with relay module board

Use case: Turn on the bedroom-lights when someone pushes the doorbell.


Lovelace Soft UI, a new user friendly, simple and clean Lovelace configuration

WLED project

Getting Started With WLED on ESP8266