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Fresh install of macOS

Installing and restoring your applications and settings

Fresh installation of macOS

Automount NFS on macOS

from Synology NAS

Automounting NFS volumes from your Synology NAS on macOS

Multiple Git Accounts

the Darkside

Working with multiple Git accounts and different git-providers is a challenge, how to manage the credentials for the different accounts, git-providers and repositories?

Open in VSCodium

A Finder toolbar button to open files or folders in VSCodium

After switching from Visual Studio Code to VSCodium is missed the shortcut in the Finder Toolbar.

Make your Ansible playbooks flexible, maintainable, and scalable

Notes on Geerlinguy's presentation at AnsibleFest 2019

Jeff Geerling (geerlingguy) gave a presentation at AnsibleFest 2019 in Austin (TX). This post is an abstract of his presentation. Jeff’s presentation covers how he builds and maintains Ansible playbooks, roles, and gives tips for making them easy to expand and scale.

Switching to VSCodium

Getting rid of tracking and telemetry

Visual Studio Code is an awesome editor, but why does it needs trackers? VSCodium is the FLOSS version without tracking and telemetry