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Life isn't perfect, embrace it as it is.

Keyboard redefined - part 1

the consequences of using a PC keyboard for my Mac

How buying a mechanical PC keyboard led to completely redefining the way I use my keyboard(s). In this first post I write about the tools, possibilities and the decisions I made for my setup.

ConBee in Home Assistant on Proxmox

I had deCONZ working in Home Assistant and everything was running fine until I rebooted the Proxmox host due to some kernel updates. After the reboot the deCONZ add-on was no longer working.

Xiaomi Dafang Hack

Modifying a cheap IP-camera

One of my projects that was still lying around was the hacking of my Xiaomi Dafang camera. I somehow managed to screw it up before but in this time where we have plenty of time at home I gave it another attempt.

Saving the Yak browser-trail

Saving your browsertabs to Markdown

Browsing the internet allways leads you from one site to the other, you're not finished reading the first but you see this reference to another item and before you know it you are 'shaving the Yak'. You go back to where you started but do not want to discard the trail of interesting articles you found so far...

From Publii to Hugo

my new blogging workflow

A static blog with Publii migrated to again a static blog but now based on Hugo. Publii as static blog was much better than Wordpress but it did not fit all my needs.

Algolia and Gitlab CI/CD

How to automate building and pushing the search-index

Working on my new blog workflow I was looking for a way to automate the building and pushing of the Algolia search-index. Doing it locally was the first step but with Gitlab CI it can be automated.