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Carrier grade API Store

Why, what and how ...

Presentation given at the APIdays 2018 event in Amsterdam

CTAB - KPN CloudNL VMware

vRA and NSX in a Dutch multi-tenant Cloud solution

Presentation given at the VMware CTAB event in Berlin

NextGen firewall use case at KPN

Use case, proof of concept and the next steps

Presentation given together with Fortinet at VMworld Europe in Barcelona

Smart doorbell

Presentation given at DomoticaGrunn #2 in Groningen

ManageIQ Meetup - KPN ViperNext

Managing internal infrastructure with ManageIQ

Presentation given as part of the ManageIQ Meetup in Amsterdam

Kennissessie OpenSource Software

Wat is OSS en waarom is dit belangrijk?

Presentation given at KPN internally in The Hague