Open Source Summit Europe 2018 - day 3

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Open Source Summit Europe 2018

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Open Source Summit + ELC Europe 2018: Keynote: Astronomy with Gravitational Waves

Dr. Alexander Nitz

Simon Wardley: The entire history of the PaaS vs Serverless debate, in one simple graphic:

Simon Wardley: The entire history of the PaaS vs Serverless debate, in one simple graphic

Open Source Summit + ELC Europe 2018: Keynote: Trigger’s Broom, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Open Source

Dr. Julian Friedman

Open Source Game Design

Brenda Romero

Open Source Banking: End Poverty One Line of Code at a Time

Ed Cable, President & Chief Executive Officer, Mifos Initiative

Using Containers for GPU Workloads (session without slides!)

Christian Brauner


System containers vs Application containers

Device pass thru routes for VMs

Device node created by kernel Only visible to the host by default Device node handed over to the container

Device node can be handed over to multiple containers if the device supports it. Handing over from one container to another requires a clean-up of the memory. Function-level-reset.

Mknode creates a device node but depends on the user space.

Bind to shared node is propegated into the container.

lxc, no virtualization overhead lxd, deamon to control lxc?

GPU card but also render node, nVidia has different card and node ids.

Nvidia has specific Kernel requirements. Driver and library can be out of sync. GPU is always initialized. Therefore unable to switch to other container (by default). Solution is available by pre-loading the driver and library.

Understanding User Namespaces

Michael Kerrisk

Painting a Picture of the KVM Use-cases in the Container World

Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat

Qemu + KVM = 💪🏻

Containers: focus on applications and user workflows


  • Container security
  • Unable to containerize

Kata containers, add an isolation layer to containers by using an optimized qemu and KVM. Merger of frakti, hypersh and ClearContainers.

Nemu, a forked and optimized qemu and KVM which can be used with Kata Containers or elsewhere. Aims to be a modern hypervisor.

gVisor, adds an isolation layer around containers one option (beyond other) is to use kvm. Proxying syscalls

runq, adds an isolation layer using stock qemu and kvm. Favors simplicity over efficiency.

virtlet, allows you to run VM appliances

KubeVirt, allows you to run VM images using libvirt, qemu and kvm. Guest details in libosinfo.

Testing The Future: Getting Started with Zuul and Ansible

Monty Taylor / Robyn Bergeron, Red Hat



  • gated changes
  • One or more git repos
  • Integrated deliverable
  • Testing like deployment


  • all changes flow through code review
  • Change only pass if they pass all the tests
  • Computers are cheaper than humans

Ramification of Philosophy:

  • no direct push access for anyone
  • Software should be installed from source
  • Testing should be automated and repeatable
  • Developers write test with their patches
  • Code always works

No tests / manual

Periodic testing

Code Review Systems

  • Gerrit
  • GitHub (Public and Enterprise)

In work / coming soon:

  • GitLab
  • BitBucker

Release Management

  • Zuul is a CI system
  • C stands foor “Continuous”
  • It is run Continuously Delivered and Deployed upstream
  • Releases are tagged from coode run upstream
  • There is no intent too have a ‘stable’ release
  • ‘stable’ is a synonym for “old and buggy”

Quick Start

Zuul quick-start


Red Hat

Interactive Learning Portal:

eBook O’Reilly: Deploying to OpenShift

Terraform: Sensitive information

  1. How to handle secrets in state file?
    • Terrahelp -
      • Masking, encryption/decription
    • Don’t store secrets :) Use:
      • AWS/Google Cloud/Azure Key Vault/etc. KMS-like + user-data mechanisms
      • AWS System Manager Parameter store
      • AWS Secrets manager
      • Use resource Roles
      • If set master-password for DB service - change it after creation.
  2. Secure state at rest using backend built-in encryption
  3. Secure tfvars and other project/module specific information with:

Source of Knowledge


Presentty presentation software uses rst file.

Edward Wilde, ubi-key for private key Hashiconf session sample ubikey session

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