MIX06 Day 1

Monday, March 20, 2006

My notes for the first day:


  • “Big” Bill as keynote speaker.
  • MySpace.com, very very large community site.
  • BBC gadget to browse through TV broadcasts, an incredibly rich userinterface with great functionality; download missed episodes of a serie, share it with contacts, really fancy 3D rolodex
  • IE7 beta 2 ( build 5335 ) is available for download.
  • InfoCard, very userfriendly interface to sign in at trusted sites.
  • RSS enhanced with list extensions, this extension gives the user the possibillity to sort the RSS items in different ways. Examples mentioned were Amazon and Yahoo.
  • Microsoft’s AJAX framework named ATLAS, the March CTP is released today.
  • WPF/e, Windows Presentation Foundation everywhere.
  • Open discussion between Tim O’Reilly (yes the one from the books) and Bill Gates (see the screencastread the speech transcript).

Introducing Microsoft Tools for Professional Developers: An Overview of Microsoft Expression ( NGW032 )

  • Expression WebDesigner, latest product but probably the first to ship.
  • Designer <=> XAML <=> Developer, XAML, XML Application Markup Language.
  • Applications shown:
    • Splitview, XAML editor similar to XAMLpad
    • Expression Graphic Designer ( Acrylic ), powerfull that combines vectorbased images and bitmap based images. Result can be exported as XAML.  
    • Expression Interactive Designer ( Sparkle ), uses the XAML from the Graphic Designer to define the user interactions.
  • Tools are really feature rich.

From HTML to Services: Building a site for REST, POX, AJAX, SOAP and WS-* ( BTB021 )

Second session I followed was the session from Clemens Vaster, since two months a member of the Microsoft family.

  • Mashups: www.vlogmap.orgwww.flashearth.comwww.weatherbonk.com, see also www.programmableweb.com.
  • Go for aggregation: RSS, OPML, ATOM, ASX or any other XML Lingo.
  • Mashups providers will sell their services on the internet.
  • POX, Plain Old XML
    • Ship XML instead of HTML
    • HTTP Get to access XML data
    • Easily aggregated
  • REST, REpresentational State Transfer
    • POX with Dogma
    • Fully exploits HTTP application protocol
    • Create, Update, Delete and linking
  • SOAP
    • Very rich, requires rich stacks
    • is no longer a toddler
  • Streams, P2P
  • Techniques above can all be used by Windows Communication Foundation
    • Universal Communication Runtime, one way to program all the protocols
  • Serverside is very flexible.
  • NewTellivision, his going away present …

Extending Your Experience to Mobile Devices ( BTB021 )

  • Design Patterns for developing mobile applications:
    • Minimize roundtrips
    • Adaptive rendering
    • Don’t port the desktop
    • Create a companion
    • Input less text
    • Use the phone
    • Know your limits
    • One-handed navigation
    • Test on real phones
    • Allow for operator branding
  • W3C initiative, www.w3c.org/mobile
  • Demo: Virtual Earth and AJAX (not ATLAS !!!)
  • Kelly Goto, “Mobile phone is the new cigarette” => mobile phone is a fashion statement
  • MUXP, Mobile User eXperience
    • Perception => Interaction => Integration
  • etnography, meet with your audience, “Deep Hanging Out” => know your customers
  • Lifestyle Design Process
  • MS Research presented the Interactive Flower
    • Designed for one hand
    • Adaptive Interaction
    • Virtual Serial Chording
    • !!! Interaction Flower Rocks !!!