Simultaneous green lights for bikes

Thursday, April 4, 2019

For outsiders cycling in Groningen leaves an impression of utter chaos. Groningen is a cycling city, 60% of all traffic movement is done on bike. For me growing up with bikes in Groningen it comes as second nature. The awareness of being chaotic to outsiders only arises when someone tries to explain the rules of this almost organic system.

Tegelijk groen

Below is one of the movies that tries to explain these rules. It’s in Dutch but with English subtitles.

The movie was made by GroningenFietsStad (translated: Groningen Bike City).  GroningenFietsStad promotes cycling and Groningen as a cycling city.

Another nice article from the University newspaper (UKRANT) takes the academic approach on explaining it. How to survive simultaneous green lights with a nice chaotic movie of the traffic on one of the busy crossroads.

Groningen Cycling City