Future Tech 2019

The IT Conference for Microsoft Technologies

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

13 March 2019 - MediaPlaza, Utrecht

Sander Hogendoorn

1. Working Products, features not projects

Grow products, feature by feature

Complex problems require continuous exploration

Cynefin framework:

Cynefin Framework

STOP doing projects

2. Even shorter cycles, continuous flow

Dogmagile, dogma wikipedia

The “red” sprint anti-pattern.

Agile Manifesto states: add customer value continuously …

Automate everything!

3. Even smaller teams, self-organizing and autonomous

Traditional agile doesn’t solve modern day problems.

Fewer rules.

Skills matter, roles don’t.

The law of large numbers. Low level estimates do not add value …

Loose sprints!

No two workitems require the same skillset.

Spotify-model is from Spotify in 2014! You are not Spotify!

STOP doing projects!

We work in the Complex zone.

Dot on the horizon: mission statement.

Solution: Pool of collective skills. Micro-teams.

The microteam recipe:

  • Pick
  • Form
  • Discuss
  • Work
  • Reports as done
  • Disband
  • Repeat