TNW Europe 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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The Next Web conference

Amsterdam, May 18th and 19th 2017, session notes and booths visited.

What are Millennials thinking? - “The Millennials Black Paper” by 9GAG


Awkward questions and cultural differences. Enlightening but also frightening outcomes of this global study.

Next month new white paper.

Provoking thought

Thijs Biersteker, Provoking Thought

Plastic Reflectic

Plastic Reflection, Periscopista, Perihelion Very interesting interactive installations.

Call me: +31642663650


The Deciders: Who Are the Emoji Gate-Keepers, and What Do They Do?

Jeremy Burge, Emojipedia Nice talk on the things that are going on in the background concerning emojis.

Just a thought: Botmoji, bots that talk emoji. @emojipedia

Technology is Distracting and Addictive. Here’s How to Fix It.

Nir Eyal, author of “Hooked”

“Is this new technology serving me or am I serving this technology?”

Slides on SlideShare.

Work hard and go home - Slack credo

Courageous Creativity

Piera Gelardi, Co-Founder Refinery29

Courageous Creativity

10 Secrets For A More Creative Life

Courageous Creativity

  1. Be the most you
    • Stay true to your values
    • Trust your intuition
    • If it doesn’t fit you, tailor it to fit you better
    • Remember you’re never done growing
  2. Create the Conditions for Creativity
    • Know what works for you
    • Laughter unlocks brilliance
    • Do it for someone else
    • Embrace the uncomfortable
  3. Friction Creates Sparks
    • Combat frustration with imagination
    • Reframe the problem to unlock the solution
    • You can do it!

As Far as the AI Can See: The Marketer’s Guide to Harnessing Augmented Reality

Purna Virji, Senior Manager PPc Microsoft, @purnavirji

Generation Z (ages 1-20) communicates with images

Millenials vs Generation Z:

  • Tech Savvy: 2 screens at once vs 5 screens at once
  • Communicate with text vs images
  • Curators and sharers vs Creators and collaborators
  • Now focused vs Future focused
  • Optimists vs Realists
  • Want to be discovered vs Want to work for success

Source: KPCB Internet trends 2016

Capitalize on AI: Moving from Startup to Scale up

Marc Teerlink, Chief Business Strategist IBM Watson


Semantic similarity: Codes to Claims, Contracts, Regulatroy, Compliance. 5 Year AI prediction: “No lawyer will work without an AI system.”



The disclaimer that comes with AI:



  • Data you possess
    • Customer records
    • Transactional systems
    • Predictive models
    • Institutional expertise
    • Operational systems
  • Data outside your firewall
    • News
    • Events
    • Social Media
    • Weather
    • Geospatial information
  • Data that’s coming
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Sensory Data
    • Images
    • Video


How to differentiate?



How Self-Driving Cars Are Turning More Than Transportation Upside-Down

Brad Templeton, Founding Faculty Computing & Networks Singularity University, @bradtem

Programmers can save the world

What car do I need today?

“The right vehicle for the trip”

  • Mostly an ultralight
  • Buy what you use, not what you might need
  • Your car rents itself out
  • Or dont' buy at all
  • All the economics of cars change
  • Greener than transit …

Two cultures:

  • A car wtih a computer (BMW, Mercedes)
  • A computer with weels (Google)

Most common car of the future:

  • Small (1-2 persons)
  • Electric
  • A few hundred parts
  • Few controls
  • No dashboard!
  • Far more made than today
  • Many types from sleepers to vans


  • Automotive (duh!)
  • Energy (all kinds)
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Parking
  • Auto loans
  • Retail
  • Delivery/Shipping
  • Medical
  • Repairs & Services
  • Transit & Airports
  • Food
  • Ownership
  • Radio
  • Construction
  • Apparel

Microdosing: Psychedelics for Leadership Development and Workflow Optimization

Paul Austin (Founder of the Third Wave)

In his talk, Paul details how micro-dosing is more accessible than high-level doses on a day to day basis, and how technologists and entrepreneurs can leverage its potential to work more efficient, not longer, hours. Outlining the potential benefits of micro-dosing from the standpoints of productivity, mental wellness/clarity, and personal development, and how enhancements in these spheres naturally foster growth towards social entrepreneurship, community building, and the strengthening of relationships founded on trust rather than contracts. He also details practicalities and protocols of micro-dosing while debunking myths of a decades-long taboo around psychedelic substances.

Our mission is to support educated and informed discourse on the topic of psychedelics, including psychedelic community, microdosing, psychedelic identity, and various other topics relevant to our mission. The Third Wave does not encourage illegal activities. Any information we provide is for education and information only. This site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

So if you want to try microdosing here is a brief «best practice» prescription to follow:

  • When you do it for the first time, don’t go to work
  • Start low
  • Mention timing
  • Source the real thing

More importantly: Determine your purpose or objective in wanting to microdose.

Read more:

Machine Learning Insights for Human Learning

Jonathan Rochelle, Co-Founder Google Drive

The improvements in machine learning in the past two decades have skyrocketed and changed our expectations of what can be accomplished in the world. We’ve begun to successfully teach machines to learn - to solve dynamic problems in transportation, communication, commerce, medicine and more. But while we’ve advanced these machine learning methods exponentially, we have hardly changed the way us humans teach and learn. Education methods have changed at a snails pace, or hardly at all, for many decades. Lessons learned from machine learning can advance human learning so that we - and our children - can actually make use of the power of intelligent computing to improve our lives.

Switched at birth?

We are teaching machines to be more like humans …

… are we teaching humans to be more like machines?

What is machine learning?

  • “Artificial intelligence”: Making machines intelligent

  • “Machine learning”: Making machines that learn

AI vs ML


Visual Cloud Computing by Intel,

Cloudbased Workstations with Iris Pro Graphics in the Cloud

Free trial: Next Generation Compute Resource for Media Processing, Experience the power of Intel® Xeon® Processors with Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics - in the cloud.


Umbler logo

Cloudhosting for Agencies en Devs

Umbler targets at developers, eenvoudige toegang tot Bitbucket, GitHub of GitLab.

Ambassador program


Klipfolio logo

Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform for building powerful real-time business dashboards for your team or your clients.

startpage | ixquick | startmail


Services with a high degree of privacy.

Alexander van Eesteren, COO. Co-founder of RouteIT. logo

the Codesports Platform

Riddles delivers a platform for developers to develop AI games.


Glisser logo

Audience Engagement Software For Events & The Classroom

Jamie Vaughan

audience engagement software shares presentation slides in real-time, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience, and provide useful, but digestible, event analytics.


Authentiq logo

authenticatie solution like Cleff but better.

The passwordless experience you want without the lock-in. Authentiq ID simply allows you to use your phone to authenticate to things online, share your identity details safely, and sign out again remotely. It also supersedes Google Authenticator by supporting more secure TOTP authentication, making it a one-stop-app for everyone interested in moving beyond username and password.

Chris(tos) K. Ziogas and Pieter Ennes.


Typeform logo

Free & Beautifully Human Online Forms

Say goodbye to boring forms, say hello to typeforms—the new way to interact with people online. Easily customize your typeforms to collect the information you need, one question at a time. From beautiful contact forms, to engaging job application forms, make the web a little more human today


SwapBots logo

Augmented Reality Toys For Creative Play

A NEW way to play, learn & create. Collectible toys that burst to life through the magic of AR.

Phil Charnock.

Funny idea to combine physical “lego” bricks and an AR overlay.

Financed via Indiegogo

SwapBots before and after

Letz, personal assistant

Letz is a multiplatform productivity app that strives to make your life easier and make you enjoy productivity. Lucy is one of the Letz characters who uses her brilliant AI and keeps track of your daily activity. She keeps you productive and knows what exactly to send you and when.

One of themany AI related services.


UpCloud logo

World’s fastest cloud servers

Developer-driven Cloud computing. Experience our next generation, faster-than-SSD cloud servers with a 100% uptime SLA.

Deploy in 45 seconds using the simple but powerful control panel, the Restful API or any software such as Ansible, Go or Python.

Ilari Mäkelä (Fin).


the free shared bike that makes you money

Squib is the first free shared bike in the world, where you earn money by riding and parking on hotspots around the city.


Pluralsight logo

Work smarter, keep pace and take control of your career with a technology learning platform that puts the world’s leading experts at your fingertips.

Maik Kannenberg



Damiaan Zwietering Machine Learning

MX3D Bridge

MX3D logo

3D Printing with steel. Joris Laarman MX3D-bicycle

Opus One

Opus One

The Opus One, Korean design. Nice idea to re-use you old phone for home security.