ViNT Symposium 2011

The App Effect

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notities van het ViNT Symposium op 7 juni 2011 in Bussum.

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Menno van Doorn

App Effect => informatieverslaving

WiFi junk => op zoek naar HotSpots in de stad

Infobesitas => informatieverslaving, belangrijkste informatie blijft niet hangen

“Mobile Apps are the new hard drugs”

Transitie van GUI naar NUI (Natural User Interface, touch)

WYSIWYG => WYTIWis, What You Touch… IS What is


Counter Culture => WikiLeaks

Me-Goism => de bloggers die posten over hun persoonlijk wel en wee

Gerd Leonhard

MediaFuturist, CEO at FuturesAgency,

TeleMedia economy

Mobile Data explosion => Mobile Society, it’s about mobile not (just) the apps

SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) => John Doerr, KPCB Top 10 Mobile Trends.

Ubiquitous Computing Real-time connectivity 24x7 in palm of hand
More Affordable Device and data plan pricing falling
Faster Networks and devices improving (Moore’s Law)
Personal Location / preferences / behavior
Fun to use Social / casual / reward-driven marketing
Access nearly everything anywhere “Stuff” in cloud
Explosion of apps and monetization More and making more money
Measurable real-world activation Driving foot traffic to physical stores
Reward / influence behavior in real-time For exactly the right people

Source KPCB Top 10 Mobile Trends

On the horizon - 2011 and beyond:

  • HTML5 vs. downloadable apps
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) for payment / offers / loyalty
  • Consumer led mobile health for monitoring / diagnosis / wellness
  • Rapid enterprise adoption of tablets for productivity
  • Tipping Point, 50% population in developed markets will have Smartphone
  • “SoLoMo”, social / local / mobile converging
  • “Gamification”, ultimate way to engage a new generation of audiences
  • Empowerment, impact of empowering billions of people around the world with real-time connected devices has just begun…

Source KPCB Top 10 Mobile Trends

John Doerr: The Next Big Thing (Artikel uit Augustus 2010)

“Twitter is digitale diarree” - zegt iemand op het congres maar …

Google geeft yesterday’s info en …

Twitter is meer up-to-date

“Location based check-in is going to be built-in” (FourSquare / Gowalla)

Cloud + App + NFC = Money 2.0

Marketing 2.0 => No longer Captive Customers but empowered users

Interdependency => connected via API’s

Everything in the cloud


From the network to the networked

  • from the network to networked
  • from one to many to many to many
  • from MTV to YouTube
  • from Broadcast to BroadBand

Networked society is about conversation (Cluetrain Manifesto - 1999)

Cluetrain Manifesto

Brands must become:

  • networked,
  • human,
  • reachable

Transparency becomes essential

“Nurture extreme customer satisfaction” => “Amazon Prime”

People of the screen consume differently

Sharing is the default mindset of the digital generation

Copy protection will fail (again)

Best screen available

Selling “direct” becomes real

Online / Offline convergence

Food Chain Conflicts – App stores gaining customer control

Apps must be: unique, irrestistable

Data is the new oil

From copy to ACCESS (shift from downloading to streaming)

Competing with “free”:

  • Likable brand
  • Timely and contextual
  • Fair and attractive pricing
  • Better service: fluid, clean, safe and easy
  • Better interface
  • Social and interconnected

Bundling and Packaging is CRUCIAL (80% is not willing to pay for mobile content)

Bundling + Up-selling = Freemium (Feels like Free but is part of a bigger picture)

Telemedia Ecosystem

Telemedia Ecosystem

Rethink the content business model (Ovum research):

  • In 2010 real money is the main item of value exchanged for digital content & web services
  • By 2020 what can be exchanged for value has expanded to embrace a much wider range of “currencies”.
    • Virtual currencies
    • Personal data
    • Time / Attention
    • Influence / Reputation

Key take-aways:

  • Co-invent new business models
  • Create experiences and immersion
  • $ = the cloud & the crowd
  • Relevance
  • Connectedness
  • Disrupt or be dis-rupted


Jens Schulte-Bockum

CEO Vodafone NL

Apps = Smartphones

Smartphone adoption EU => Netherlands is the Frontrunner!

Data growth from apps, web and mail:

Data Growth

User profile based on different motives (source leefritme kenniscentrum):

  • Beginners 31%
  • Socializers 31%
  • Organizers 26%
  • Addicts 12%

User profile based on different motives

Favorite usage of apps:

  • Social
  • Games
  • News
  • Weather
  • Navigation

Smartphone penetration grows fast:

  • 50% of all device sales
  • Tablets wil follow soon (other predictions state that the penetration of tablets wil even go faster)

Challenging the way we do business

  • We’re in transition to alternative business models
  • Need to re-balance to profit from data growth, grow new revenues

Kostenmodel nu en straks (flat-rate model wordt verwacht, 40 a 50 euro/maand)

Andreas Sjöström

Manager Mobile Solutions Sogeti

Average iPhone user downloads 100 apps, only 30 apps remain.

Trends in apps:

  • Transaction apps
  • Business Intelligence Apps

Companies with apps are cool now. Fore runners. In 2012 it’s going to be commoditized.

Laptops will be replaced by tablets (iPad)

Branding - Services - New Business Models

Alexander Klöpping

Columnist in Emerce en regelmatige gast in DWDD,

Telefoon is niet meer om te bellen

Jongeren bellen gemiddeld 1,36 keer per dag

“Wisseling van de poortwachters”

  • Boekhandels => Amazon
  • Ubercab
  • CreditCard lezer op de telefoon


Digital Native = internet voor je 6e levensjaar

Partial Attention Disorder

FaceBook en Google zijn onze toegangswegen tot informatie Deze recommendation engines zijn in handen van multinationals

Ted Schadler

Forrester Research, author of Empowered,

Empowerment matters

HERO = Highly Empowered Resourcefull Operative

Highly Empowered Resourcefull Operative

Empowered employee is more effective despite the use of the “new” technologies.

Technology empowers people (mobile, social, video, cloud)

Empowered Employees <= Listen - Engage => Empowered Customers

Menno Lanting

Sogeti, auteur van “Connect” en “iedereen CEO”,, @mlanting

Bedrijven hebben een probleem d.w.z. pre-internet organisaties

HIPPO = Highest Paid Person Opinion

Informele hierarchie is voor HEROes

Formele hierarchie is voor HIPPOs


    • Salaris info
    • CEO info
  • PeerIndex
    • Online value

Sander Duivestein

Sogeti, @duivestein

“The last generation” overgang naar alles digitaal

“Generation Gap” is really a technology gap

“Technology accelerates Society”

“Resistance is Futile”

Iedereen leeft in zijn/haar eigen wereld.

“Information is the new hard drug”

“Information gets under your skin”


Maarten van Rossum

  • Elke technologie heeft voor- en nadelen
  • Uitvindingen komen op een tijdstip dat ze nodig zijn