Programming Language Rankings January 2015

RedMonk's comparison of programming languages on Github and Stack Overflow shows some interesting things in the landscape of programming languages.


  • I knew that JavaScript was big but to my surprise it's steady leader in the rankings.
  • Java is (still) not dead.
  • Google's Go has entered the Top 20.
  • The rise of Swift. It is used as PR for Apple but it also results is some heavy discussions in the comments.
  • CSS is seen as a programming language.
  • There must be lots of topics on SQL and XML on Stack Overflow while there are very few projects on Github for these languages.
  • R is "the" language for statistical analysis.
  • C# closes the Top 5. One of the commenters assumes that it is not ranked higher because of it's wide use in the enterprise environments. I guess there's some truth about it since this comparison is between tags on Stack Overflow and projects on GitHub.
  • There are just too many programming languages.