Blind film makers and a dialogue

It’s incredible what some companies do to get attention for their products. In 2009 Philips amazed everyone with the Carousel Commercial, the slow-motion clownesque heist. This year Philips is back with six short films with one shared piece of dialogue:


What is that?
It’s a Unicorn
Never seen one up close before
Get away, Get away
I’m sorry.

Six lines of text, six times differently interpreted in six beautiful stories:

  • The Hunt, by Jake Scott
  • Darkroom, by Johnny Hardstaff
  • The Gift, by Carl Erik Rinsch
  • El Secreto de Mateo, Greg Fay
  • Jun and the Hidden Skies, by Hi-Sim
  • The Foundling by Barney Cokeliss

Each story can be watched by itself but to me it was like a visualization of the “Blind men and an elephant”. The story of six blind men who are asked to describe the “big picture” while feeling only part of it. The film makers in this case “felt” the dialogue and created a film based on that.
Each film maker created an astonishing piece of work. All in all beautiful interpretations.
You can watch them at Parallel Lines: A Cinema 21:9 production.
It didn’t stop at six stories. There is even more, a competition “Tell it your way” resulted in two prizewinning films at PhilipsCinema on Youtube.
BabyTime by Cedric Petitcollin and
Porcelain Unicorn by Keegan Wilcox

The whole story is of course that Philips again created a very smart ad-campaign. I’m aware that even I am becoming part of it but in return we can see some very interesting, beautifully made, short films.