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Creating a snapshot via the vRA API

In this post I describe the 6 steps needed to create a snapshot of a VM via the vRealize Automation API. It took me a while to figure out how to verify the state of the request. The short version is that the "state" can be…

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Automount NFS (from Synology NAS) on MacOS

This setup was tested on a Mac Mini (Late 2012) with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2 and a Synology NAS with DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4. Go to your Synology and enable the NFS protocol. Go to the shared folder you want to access via NFS and…

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I'm reviving my website after neglecting it for quite a while. Stepping away from Wordpress, failing Akismet upgrades and required updates almost each month. Looking at static site generators (StaticGen) and the large headless CMS collection (HeadlessCMS) I decided to try out Publii. Publii publishes…

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Synology Download Station: add search modules

The Synology Download Station is a great application for downloading torrents but sometimes it's unable to find the things you are looking for. It happened to me and as I was looking through the settings for a way to add a search engine I found…

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Programming Language Rankings January 2015

RedMonk's comparison of programming languages on Github and Stack Overflow shows some interesting things in the landscape of programming languages. I knew that JavaScript was big but to my surprise it's steady leader in the rankings.Java is (still) not dead.Google's Go has entered the Top 20.The…

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From idea to product, no need to think small

We all heard about the possibilities the internet gives us. Power to the people, right? Well the story of the Glif is a perfect example of this. Two guys, Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost came up with an idea for an iPhone 4 tripod mount.

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